Top Tips for Cracking Commerce Exams: Insights from Ashok Vihar Coaching Centers

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Do you dream of a career in the business sector? Then appearing for the business entrance exam is your first hurdle. But fear not, future business owners, here we are to deliver you some top tips and tricks to crack business exams. Commerce Coaching in Delhi covers everything from mastering key concepts to creating a strategic study plan so that you can walk into the exam room confidently and ready to dominate. Let’s have a look at some of the best tips and tricks for cracking the commerce exam from the Commerce Coaching in Shalimar Bagh.  

Tips and tricks of cracking the exam

Most of the time the exam syllabus gets so vast and the time remains so less that students get confused and panic as to what should they do? And this is the story of students most of the time. Getting worries and panicking around won’t solv a thing instead it will make things worse. Here are some generic tips and tricks a students can follow if he/she is preparing for any exam. 

Mastering the syllabus: This is the full fledged exam plan. The student is already very clear about the format of the exam he/she is going to write and the weight of each topic and the subject priorities. The student can make a master plan that covers thye entire syllabus and focuses more on the research part on the most important areas and decide on a topic, strategically. 

Become a book ninja: Books are the training ground for the students and more and more practice will help students do better in their exam. Students should read their textbooks carefully, take notes on the important topics and highlight the important points for better study and understanding purpose. It is advisable to not just ramble, understand the “what” behind the “why”. 

Compare previous reports/records: Improvement is always compared from past to present and each students should compare their previous record from their present records and then examine their reports. They should treat their previous reports as exercises and learn from the errors.  Solve problems in real time to create your test situation, identify recurring problems, and identify your weaknesses by finding solutions to work on. 

Create a good study plan: Planning is a crucial part of making an exam strategy work.and it is the road map to success. The students are advised to break their syllabus into smaller and manageable chunks and schedule their study time for each topic. It is suggested to be specific, relatable and focus on revision before sitting for an exam. 

Studying smart is the key: Basic memorization is too old school and does not work for most of the students. Now that the exams are more competitive and tricky the students are advised to switch to ‘understanding the concepts’ rather than ‘learning them by heart’. Use techniques such as flash cards, mind maps and group discussions to reinforce concepts. Teaching others is a great way to test your knowledge and understanding! 

Mock Tests: Mock test or sample test practice are a great way to test your knowledge after a strong study session. Use the mock tests provided by the Commerce Coaching in Delhi or uploaded on the online platform are of great help. It simulates a real test environment, improves your time management skills and exposes you to a wide variety of questions. 

Practice Mathematics More: Commerce exams are more leaned towards the maths side and students who are good with numbers can easily focus on these competitive exams. Learn the power of scientific math and practice your calculations and formulas to prepare quickly and accurately during the exam. No stupid mistakes shall be acceptable! 

Keep calm and focus: When the exam date comes closer the students start panicking and can get distracted easily. This is the time when they can focus on what needs more attention and practice and what requires just the revision. Exam day can be stressful, but keep calm. Get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and arrive at the exam centre rested and prepared. Deep breathing exercises can help you manage pre-exam anxiety. 

Time management is key: Qustion papers can be tricky, short or lengthy, all depending on teh time management done by the students. Most of the Commerce Coaching in Shalimar Bagh advice students to not get stuck on any single question. Plan your time, solve the easy questions and come back to the harder questions later when time permits. .


Experts at Commerce Coaching in Ashok Vihar guide numerous students to succeed in the commerce exam. With the right guidance and unwavering determination, any student is believed to overcome these challenges. Use the tips and tricks provided above, adapt them to shape the learning style, and watch your confidence grow. Remember that success is a journey, not a destination and the experts at the Commerce Coaching in Ashok Vihar strongly believe the same. So embrace the process and believe in your ability to achieve greatness! Let’s make the dream of competing successfully in the commerce exam come true together. 

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