Navigating CBSE Exam Changes: Tips from Delhi’s Best Coaching Centers

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The Central Board of Secondary Education also known as CBSE (in short) has introduced some changes in the exam pattern for classes 11th and 12th from the academic session 2024-25 onwards. These changes aim to modify and assess students’ understanding and application of general concepts holistically and the best CBSE coaching in Delhi help students achieve their target. Here’s a brief related to the major changes made by the CBSE and some tips to help students out:

CBSE Exam Format Changes (2024-25):

The new CBSE exam format has made some crucial changes which are as follows: 

  • Focusing on the Competency-Based Assessment (50% weightage): 

This is the biggest change made in the CBSE exam format. The exams will emphasize questions that test the student’s ability to apply concepts to real-life situations. 

Examples include MCQs with application-based scenarios, case studies, and source-based integrated questions. 

  • Reduced Memorization Focus (30% weightage for long answer questions): 

There will be fewer long-answer questions compared to before and they will carry lower grades. 

This makes rote memorization done by the majority of students less effective and highlights the need for a conceptual understanding of the topic/subject. 

  • Introduction of Multiple Choice Questions (20% weightage): 

A new category of MCQs has been introduced in the CBSE exam format, which is designed to assess factual knowledge and basic understanding of the concepts and knowledge. 

The MCQ-based questions and answers will consume less time for the student and extra brain work will increase. 

Tips for Navigating the Changes from Delhi’s Best Coaching Centers  

Many times students find themselves lost in the middle of preparing for any exam due to stress, pressure, various study materials, and much more. Here are some of the tips by which the candidate can navigate changes during their CBSE exam preparation.  

  1. Focus on Understanding the Concepts: The syllabus for the CBSE exams is vast and continuous rote memorization won’t be enough to make the students pass their exam. They need to have a basic understanding of the topics/course from the core of each subject and how to apply them to clear the examination.  
  1. Practice Competency-Based Questions: The students should look for resources like, sample question papers, practice papers and so on, that offer practice questions that are similar to the new format of the examination. The coaching centers in Delhi might be able to provide the students with such resources and practice tests to improve the confidence of the students before the examination.  
  1. Develop Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills: The students should focus on developing the analytical and problem-solving skills through continuous practice and by discussing problems/doubts with teachers or classmates and working on it. 
  1. Time Management: One of the most challenging factors is the management of time for students during their exam. With more objective-type questions and limited time becomes crucial to manage it properly. The students should practice by taking mock exams and  under timed conditions.
  1. Refine Short Answer Type Questions: As the new reforms have declared on the decline in the weightage of Long question-answer the students should now primarily focus on the short answer type questions that still carry the same weightage and grades and continue to remain important. The best CBSE coaching in Delhi can help the students refine their answer writing skills in concise and with impactful responses.
  1. Strengthen the Basic Knowledge: A solid grasp of the basic/fundamental knowledge is a must for students if they wish to conquer the competency-based questions in the examination. The best CBSE coaching in Shalimar Bagh can offer revision and continuous practice workshops and target the concepts that are the core and solidify the understanding of these core concepts. 
  1. Embrace Active Learning: The best CBSE coaching in Shalimar Bagh focuses on encouraging active participation of the students through their interactive sessions related to the concepts understanding, doubt-clearing sessions, and peer learning opportunities help students grasp the knowledge in interactive and positive terms. Most of the best CBSE coaching in Ashok Vihar focuses on to move beyond the passive learning methods adopted by the society from the past.


The revised and new CBSE exam format for senior secondary classes of 11th and 12th emphasizes majorly on the application of knowledge and not just mere memorization of the concepts and with the help of the best CBSE coaching in Ashok vihar the students get help to succeed in every exam. These coaching centers tend to focus on understanding the concepts and improvement in the analytical skills through the real-world application and practice along with the problem-solving exercises. 

Effective time management and a concise/short answers writing strategy are now crucial for the students as they niow get to deal with more objective-type questions. The students mist always remember that a personalized curriculum that is built for a strong foundation and includes active learning is the key to managing all these changes like a pro.

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