All India Test Series – IGNITION Part/Full Syllabus NEET/JEE/MOCK BOARDTest Series.

FOR 12th Undergoing/12th Pass Confidence with right attitude, International Etiquette and grooming is very essential in today’s Kids/teens.We prepare students for a life ahead– both socially and professionally to become the future leaders in our personality development classes. Our special techniques help students to stand out in a crowd. The classes are designed to teach Social Etiquette, Dining Etiquette, Public speaking, Confidence Building, focus on their strengths and concentrate on developing them as a part of the personality development training.

The dominant role played by English Communication Skills cannot be undermined in today’s time. The English language has increasingly become the common language of communication in India for the world of work, education, research, and business. At IGNITION, we are aware of the need for proficient English speaking skills, especially amongst the youth and budding professionals. To cater to this need, we are now introducing a short course for young professionals and aspiring youth which will help them improve their English communication and soft skills. The Spoken English Course has been designed in a way that will help the learners build confidence to speak English fluently.

The program has many interesting features:-

What to expect from the SPOKEN ENGLISH COURSE?


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